I’m just doing some wood work at home and I’m struggling to cut straight lines, is there any guides you offer that might help?


Sure, this is a common question we have asked. It’s always best to extend the index finger along side the blade handle when cutting. This helps you almost point the way you want the blade to go. As always follow manufacturers guide lines and be careful when using cutting tools. Another piece of equipment from Faithfull called the Right Cut might be of further help to you.

Speed Tape Measure and Saw Guide.

New measuring and cutting tool gives accurate measurements every time.

The ‘Right Cut’ provides the facility to measure and cut with one easy action. Place the tape hook at the end of the material you wish to cut and engage the locating feet to ensure the tape is square to the workpiece. Pull the tape out until the distance you require is in the centre (datum mark) of the viewing window and lock the blade. Place your saw against the magnetic guide plate and cut. It’s as simple and easy as that!

The top sight gives an accurate measurement to the face plate, this has 2 magnetic strips to help hold the saw. The Right cut enables you to measure and cut at 90 degrees quickly and accurately, without the need for a square and pencil.


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