I’ve got a job comming up needing a large number of holes, I’m unsure if I should consider plasma or water jetting instead of drilling, any suggestions?


It’s a tough one.
I’d always try and stear away from Plasma as the hardening of the outer edges leave second opps more work when deburring, costing time and money. Water jetting is an option but i think if you have a long running job, the Dormer CDX for Aluminium is about the best drill on the market at present. The video shows one in action and although it’s not clear, here’s the cutting data.

Dormer Tools R583 CDX-Al
Material Type: Al Alloyed, Si less then 0.5% (AMG 7.2)

Tool Diameter: 8.70 mm

Hole Depth: 30 mm (1.3/16 inch)

Cutting Speed: 400 m/min (1,312 feet/min)

Revolutions: 14,642 rpm

Feed: 0.70 mm/rev (0.0276 inch/rev)

Table Feed: 10,250 mm/min (404 inch/min)

Utilising machine shop equipment rather than out sourcing is always preferential where ever possible. If you need further info, advice or even a demo, please do call or email.


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