I have a number of holes to make all the same diameter, what can you offer?


Hi Tim,
It depends on the amount of work you are doing, material etc…

  • If you are doing a range of diameters close to one another i’d suggest the Allied Maxcut style of drill where one body can do a range of sizes (limited by the body size). You can also have flat bottom inserts and vary the material of the insert itself HSCO in preference to Carbide etc…
  • If you are doing large diameters 20mm+ but more holes of a specific size i’d suggest a Sandvik 880 drill. The productivity will show substantial improvements over most other brands.
  • If you are doing one size of hole 20mm and below i’d recommend the Dormer Hydra Drill. It’s uses a solid carbide drilling head, which can be replaced without removing the tool from the machine and have impressive cutting data as this video illustrates.

Material Type: Alloy Steel, Hardened and tempered steel (AMG 1.5)
Tool Diameter: 20.0 mm
Hole Depth: 52 mm (2 inch)
Cutting Speed: 70 m/min (230 feet/min)
Revolutions: 1,115 rpm
Feed: 0.24 mm/rev (0.0094 inch/rev)
Table Feed: 268 mm/min (11 inch/min)


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