I’m having trouble keeping cats and squirrels out of my garden. Short of sitting out there morning noon and night shouting at them, i’m short of ideas? Do you have anything that can help?


Hi Ted

I know exactly what you mean. We do a large range of pest control items from STV as well as Nippon and Rentokill. It goes without saying cat’s and squirrels can be a nuisance. If you click the link here this will take you to all the other pest control items we can supply you with.

Ultrasonic All Pest Repeller

The Pest-Stop Ultrasonic All Pest Repeller uses ultrasonic sound to repel a range of animals and birds at a frequency too high for humans to hear, providing a humane solution to unwanted pests. The repeller can be ground or wall mounted and can rotate through 60° when wall mounted.

Suitable for repelling mice, rats, birds, rabbits, squirrels, cats, dogs, foxes and badgers.

Main features:

Three ultrasound frequency settings to repel specific animals and birds
Flexible PIR motion sensor and timed loop activation settings.
Wall bracket and ground mounting stake included for flexible installation.
Battery powered (2 x 9v – NOT Included) for quick and simple installation.
Optional mains power kit also available.

To buy click here.


We used to supply these but we had complaints from a few people saying it was unkind to squirrels…shame as it always made me smile watching them spin.


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