In a power plant, it is the generators that convert the rotational energy of the turbines into electrical power via a thermal shaft. The goal of maximising the efficiency leads to increased requirements on the production of the electrical shaft in the generator. We have a comprehensive range of standard tools and customer-specific solutions for dimensionally accurate machining of different grooves (winding, air, sealing, relief). Thanks to their many years of sector expertise, our engineers have succeeded in developing a tooling and machining concept which makes it possible to rough and finish winding grooves in only one operation. A success that motivates us to make further efforts in this field.

Walter side and face mill

1. Walter side and face mill: Roughing and finishing the winding grooves

This tool technology, which Walter was the first to develop, enables roughing and finishing of grooves to a depth of 153 mm and a width of 44.6 mm in one single cut. The operating and non-productive times are therefore considerably reduced. The costly wedging and bracing of the root faces before finishing can be eliminated.

Walter form mill

2. Walter form mill: Machining the sealing grooves

For a large proportion of standard sealing groove forms on the market, Walter offers a suitable special indexable insert solution as a cost-efficient alternative to HSS or brazed solid carbide tools. In general, there are five machining methods to choose from for producing sealing grooves.

Walter High Performance milling cutter F2330

3. Walter High Performance milling cutter F2330: Coupling holes made by circular interpolation milling

Our High Performance milling cutter F2330 (> 3 x D – 5.5 x D) ensures lower cutting forces and shorter chips. The semi-machining, which is otherwise required, can be eliminated. Not least, different diameters for coupling holes can be machined with the same tool.

Walter Titex X·treme Step 90 solid carbide step drill

4. Walter Titex X·treme Step 90 solid carbide step drill: Machining the balancing holes

This universal high-performance standard tool is suitable for cross holes and holes with angled exits in all material groups and stands out thanks to productivity increases of up to 50 percent. Moreover, four peripheral lands provide improved hole quality. Available as a special tool within two weeks.


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