We machine some high volume components, and the slowest operation is the reamer.
We currently use a solid carbide drill(Dormer MP-X 3xd) and a carbide reamer ground to size.
I have attached a drawing for your information.
Thanks, George Millard


Hi George

Thank you for your enquiry. Reaming is always a difficult issue, mainly due to the accuracy needed often limits speeds and feeds. However, Sandvik Coromant do have a solution.

It’s the Sandvik 830 Reamer,
Sandvik have an indexable high performance 830 reamer for high speed tight tolerence work in steel and cast iron.

Ream almost as fast as indexable drilling!
Feed rate up to 6 times faster than solid carbide reamers
Quick change replaceable head
Excellent surface finish with H7 tolerance
Click the link below for more info, but if you need more assistance, just click on contact us and we will gladly help.

Sandvik Reamer 830


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