Dormer Pramet

With a combined history of more than 150 years, Dormer Pramet is the result of a merger between rotary tooling manufacturer Dormer Tools and indexable specialist Pramet Tools.

M.A. Ford

Since 1919 M.A. Ford® has grown from a small mid-west maker of rotary files to a leading manufacturer of Standard, High Performance and Custom Cutting tools with manufacturing and distribution facilities all over the world.


The five competence brands of Walter, Walter Titex, Walter Prototyp, Walter Valenite and Walter Multiply, are united under one company umbrella. With a product range of around 49,000 catalogue tools for milling, drilling, turning and threading, Walter is a complete service provider for the metalworking industry.


OSG UK Ltd – previously Norman Taps and Dies – was for many years a family-run business, manufacturing specialist taps and dies, supported by a range of standard products sourced from OSG Japan. In 1999, the company was acquired by the Japanese group OSG, renamed OSG UK Ltd and immediately became part of a global group of companies.


Guhring Limited founded in 1973 was the first subsidiary of the Guhring Group. Initially starting as a sales, stocking and distribution operation Guhring Limited has now grown into an established UK manufacturing company with capability to produce special tools on short deliveries and regrind/recoating service.


Established in April 2004, Arno (UK) Limited was the first overseas sister company of ARNO-Werkzeuge. We are supplying and supporting the Great British engineering industry with high tech competitive products, designed and manufactured in Germany.


Emuge-Franken UK Ltd are the UK subsidiary of Emuge Franken GmBH Germany. We have been established in Rotherham in the UK for over 20 years. Part of the Emuge Franken group which has over 80 years experience in the development & production of precision tools for the machining industry.


Toolex was founded in Hertford in 1967 with a stocked range of incremental Swiss reamers, unique in the UK.

Toolex started to expand its range of products by adding specialist and unique tooling from renowned suppliers across Europe, and also incorporating its own grinding facilities to increase the size range of reamers available.

A move in 1990 to a purpose built factory and office unit in Wincanton, Somerset, combined with the investment of CNC equipment has enabled Toolex to continue the expansion of its continually growing range of engineers cutting tools, which are available today.

This coupled with the continual investment in stock and infrastructure has allowed Toolex to continue its unrivalled reputation for same day despatch, quality and personal service.

Threading Tools

Alco Thread Rolls

Alco Thread Rolls

Rolling dies available in numerous thread forms. These rolls produce threads by pressing against the surface of the cylindrical blank causing the thread profile to be created. Because it presses material into a smaller space rather than remove material the thread is stronger and will provide a far higher fatigue strength than a cut thread. The only down side not all materials suit this method thread production.

Axial Thread Roller

Axial Thread Roller

This system for external threading rolling is available in 2 and 3 roll systems. Its a fast way of thread forming, with long tool life, better quality threads, stronger threads and as it forms rather than cuts the thread its a relatively clean way to produce a thread. Using a thread roller also ensure the formed thread stays concentric.

Coventry Die Head

Coventry Die Head

This is the recognised name for external thread cutting. Originally developed by Alfred Herbert, it’s fair to say this system is an industry standard of production external thread cutting. Later Robertson’s produced the chasers and extended the standard range of:

“S” type for carbon steel
“B” type for Brass
“AM5” for high tensile steel and some stainless steels

To include Zonic lapped chasers for stainless and aerospace fasteners. As Zonic are no longer readily available the demand has meant that other geoemtries have been produced such as “S5” & “AS” which also machine Nimonic’s and Inconel.

Coventry Chasers

Coventry Chasers

Cutting chasers to fit the Coventry Die Heads. These are available in Metric (Metric Fine), Unified (UNC/UNF), Whitform (BSW,BSF,BSP) and British Association (BA) thread forms. The chasers fit 1/4″, 5/16″, 3/8″, 1/2″, 3/4″, 1″, 1-1/4″, 1-1/2″, 2″ and 2-1/2″ heads.

Landis Type Chasers &Flat Thread Rolling Dies

Landis Type Chasers &Flat Thread Rolling Dies

Also known as Tangential die head chasers. Flat thread rolling dies are available in single and double sided verions in D2, M2, M42 coated and steam vapour. These are used to give high volume cutting consistent threads to exacting standards.

Tangential Thread Roller

Tangential Thread Roller

These are for use on the cross slide of machines where the work piece rotates and the cross slide feed can be controlled. Very short threads, tapered threads and threads behind a shoulder can be produced, and even threads both sides of a shoulder as long as they are identical. The head houses the rolls and like a caliper grips the component via a gear to produce the thread. The thread forms available are Metric, Metric Fine, BSW, BSF, BSP, UNC, UNF & BA to different tolerences.


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