Engine Block

Engine Block

The trend towards higher performance with smaller displacement and lower fuel consumption leads to higher mechanical loads on the engine block. This calls for increasingly high-quality materials made of GG gray cast iron and GGV vermicular graphite cast irons. Our new Tiger·tec® Silver cutting tool materials and our innovative tool systems are just the thing for machining such materials. You can achieve an extremely high level of dimensional accuracy, optimum quality in surface finishes and increases in productivity of up to 100% thanks to the combined use of Walter milling cutters and Walter Titex high-performance drills. Our solutions give you a competitive cost-per-part edge in mass production processes, even those involving complex components.

Walter Xtra·tec® F4045 heptagon cutter

1. Walter Xtra·tec® F4045 heptagon cutter: Roughing main surfaces

The Xtra·tec® F4045 heptagon cutter with the new, powerful Tiger·tec® Silver indexable inserts (with 14 cutting edges) is ideal for roughing main surfaces.

Walter BLAXX F5x41 tangential milling cutter

2. Walter BLAXX F5x41 tangential milling cutter: Face and shoulder milling

Powerful, precise, reliable: The new tangential Walter BLAXX milling cutter with four-edged indexable inserts produce excellent metal removal rates.

Walter Titex X·treme Cl

3. Walter Titex X·treme Cl: Drilling blind and through holes

The Walter Titex X·treme CI drillout performs other solid carbide drills be up to 50%. With an internal coolant supply and a high-performance coating, this tool guarantees a high level of process reliability and excellent hole quality for blind and through holes.

Walter MODCO® automatic draw bar tool

4. Walter MODCO® automatic draw bar tool: Finish machining cylinder main bores

Our MODCO® high-tech draw bar tool offers semi-finish and finish machining without tool changes. The cutting edges can be actuated via coolant or compressed air for precision machining.

Cylinder Head

Cylinder Head

Thanks to its low weight, aluminium plays an important role in the production of automotive components. We supply a complete PCD tool range for the highly precise yet cost-effective machining of components made of aluminium alloy. Our high-tech MODCO ® PCD tools provide significant gains in both quality and productivity in mass production. These tools stand out for their extremely long tool life, and they ensure superior dimensional stability. For aluminium cylinder heads, this means the ultimate in function reliability in conjunction with optimal combustion. For drivers, it means lower fuel consumption and thus also lower CO2 emissions.

Walter MODCO® F4050 PCD face mill

1. Walter MODCO® F4050 PCD face mill: End face finishing

Thanks to the number of cutting teeth, the Walter PCD face milling cutter F4050 provides extremely high feed rates combined with minimal burr high-speed milling. Optimum runout, high-quality surface finish, and an extremely long service life are just a few of this powerful tool’s outstanding features.

Walter MODCO® PCD reamer

2. Walter MODCO® PCD reamer: fine machining of valve seat and guide pilot holes

With the multi-stage Walter MODCO® PCD reaming tools, you can achieve optimum roundness and coaxiality of the pilot hole for the valve seat and guide. The multi-edged version guarantees, in addition to maximum dimensional accuracy – both short machining times and a long tool life.

Walter Titex XD30 drill

3. Walter Titex XD30 drill: Deep-hole drilling of oil galleries

Thanks to the superior XD technology in the Walter Titex drill, deep holes can be drilled with efficient productivity on machining centres. Our XD drills (available up to 70 x Dc) are extremely tough and are ideally suited to machining non-ferrous metals.

Walter Prototyp Protodyn® S HSC

4. Walter Prototyp Protodyn® S HSC (solid carbide) and Paradur® ECO CI (HSS-E-PM)



Particularly in modern, powerful engines, crankshafts made from hightensile steels and GGG materials are exposed to enormous physical forces and mechanical loads. At speeds of several thousand rpm, the crankshaft converts linear movement into rotational energy. A key objective in machining these important components is to achieve a high level of dimensional stability. With our high-performance tools, you will be able to produce long-lasting, durable crankshafts made of ductile cast iron or steel alloys at competitive per-part costs.

Walter turn broaching cutters

1. Walter turn broaching cutters: Journal, web and pin machining

The Walter turn broaching cutter stands for precise contours and maximum surface finish quality on the workpiece. A real highlight is the version of the tool that has a lightweight design. This tool can be quickly changed by hand and therefore significantly increases the availability of the machine.

Walter external milling cutter

2. Walter external milling cutter: Journal and web machining

Up to 420 powerful indexable inserts on this Walter external milling cutter ensure extremely high feed rates and maximum process reliability in journal and web machining.

Walter Titex X-treme DH drill

3. Walter Titex X-treme DH drill: Deep-hole drilling of the oil galleries

This drill, with special XD® chip-clearance technology, polished flutes and TFP coating, is perfect for drilling hightensile materials, even for interrupted cuts. The drill has been specifically optimised for a long tool like in crankshaft machining applications.

Walter internal milling cutter

4. Walter internal milling cutter: Journal and web machining

The cartridge-type Walter internal milling cutter is impressive during production thanks to high metal removal rates, process reliability and easy handling. In Walter’s lightweight version, this tool can be quickly and easily changed without the need for a crane.



The camshaft controls the inlet and exhaust valves in the cylinder head. It is therefore indirectly responsible for supplying fresh air and removing combustion gases. The geometry of individual cams crucially influences the efficiency and performance of modern internal combustion engines.

While camshafts for trucks are generally machined from solid, assembled camshafts and adjustable systems, a variety of different tool solutions are often required in passenger cars. Depending on the material, we can offer you a comprehensive range of metal cutting tools and develop the entire manufacturing process.​

Walter Surface milling cutter

01. Walter Surface milling cutter – Xtra·tec® F4033 with Tigertec Silver inserts.

Milling cutter cartridge design for cams

02. Milling cutter cartridge design for cams.

Milling cutter fix pocket design for cams

03. Milling cutter fix pocket design for cams.

Walter Turning tools

04. Walter Turning tools with Tiger·tec® Silver inserts for ends/steady rest.

Walter Titex X·treme drill

05. Walter Titex X·treme drill for flange holes.

Walter Prototyp Taps and Formers

06. Walter Prototyp Taps and Formers for flange threads.



The connecting rod converts the linear motion of the piston into the circular motion of the crankshaft, or turns circular motion into linear motion. Connecting rods are often manufactured out of C70 steel, alloyed steels and sintered metals. For sports car engines which are subjected to extreme stress, connecting rods are mainly manufactured out of heat treatable steels or titanium. The rod blanks in large-volume production are forged or sintered. Machining these components requires specially matched tool solutions.

A solution which offers cost-effectiveness and process reliability can be found in our comprehensive tool range for every machining assignment.​

Walter boring bar

01. Walter boring bar for roughing, semi-finishing and chamfering of big eye.

Walter Milling/Boring tool

02. Walter Milling/Boring tool to semi-finish big eye and mill slot.

Walter boring bar to finish big eye

03. Walter boring bar to finish big eye.

Walter drill for small eye

04. Walter drill for small eye.

Walter chamfer tool for small eye

05. Walter chamfer tool for small eye.

Walter boring bar to finish small eye

06. Walter boring bar to finish small eye.

Walter Titex X·treme drill for screw holes

07. Walter Titex X·treme drill for screw holes.

Walter Prototyp Taps and Formers for screw holes

08. Walter Prototyp Taps and Formers for screw holes.

Walter Milling tool to adjust weight after machining

09. Walter Milling tool to adjust weight after machining.


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