Wings - Pylons

The main task of the aerofoils is to provide the aircraft with the necessary lift. Individual components machined here include the pylon bracket, made from titanium, the wing box, made from composite materials, and the reinforcing ribs, made of aluminium.

In a structural component such as the wing box, our tools are used to machine the holes, the pocket contour and the pocket bottoms, etc. It is particularly important here to provide a high surface finish quality and the highest degree of stability.

We also develop a machining solution for our customers which is tailored to the machining of the complex, thin-walled aerofoil ribs made of aluminium and uses high-speed PCD mills.​​

Walter Xtra-tec® Shoulder Mill F4042

01. Walter Xtra-tec® Shoulder Mill F4042.

Walter High Performance Cutter F2330

02. Walter High Performance Cutter F2330.

Walter Xtra-tec® Slotting Cutter F4153

03. Walter Xtra-tec® Slotting Cutter F4153.

Walter Xtra-tec® Point Drill

04. Walter Xtra-tec® Point Drill.

Walter Boring (MEDIUM)

05. Walter Boring (MEDIUM).

Walter Precision (MEDIUM)

06. Walter Precision (MEDIUM).

Walter Titex Alpha® NI

07. Walter Titex Alpha® NI.

Walter Prototyp Prototex® TiNi

08. Walter Prototyp Prototex® TiNi.

Walter Prototyp Thread Milling Cutter

09. Walter Prototyp Thread Milling Cutter.

Flap Tracks

Flap Tracks

Flaps provide the necessary lift to the aerofoils during aircraft landing and are located on the rear edge of the aerofoils.

Various materials are used in the manufacture of flaps. The flap track may consist of 15-5 PH stainless steel, Carpenter C465 or titanium 6Al-4V. In newer aircraft, titanium/aluminium or CFRP/titanium combinations are also used.

The machining (pocket and contour milling) is generally carried out on CNC mill centres or multi-spindle portal milling machines. Our Tiger•tec® Silver PVD tools are the right tools for long tool life and optimal dimensional stability.​

Walter Xtra-tec® Helical Cutter F2338F

01. Walter Xtra-tec® Helical Cutter F2338F.

Walter High Performance Cutter F4030

02. Walter High Performance Cutter F4030.

Walter Prototyp Protostar® TI40

03. Walter Prototyp Protostar® TI40.

Walter Prototyp Protostar® TI45

04. Walter Prototyp Protostar® TI45.

Walter Titex X-treme Inox

05. Walter Titex X-treme Inox.

Walter Prototyp Proto-max™ Inox

06. Walter Prototyp Proto-max™ Inox.

Walter Xtra-tec® Insert Drill B4214

07. Walter Xtra-tec® Insert Drill B4214.

Walter Reamer R4060

08. Walter Reamer R4060.

Walter Prototyp ConeFit™ Milling Tools

09. Walter Prototyp ConeFit™ Milling Tools.

Wing Ribs

Wing Ribs

The wing ribs are structural components within the wing. Along with the longerons, they form the frame for the wing skin. Each aerofoil rib has different dimensions and is constructed differently. Aluminium and CFRP are the most frequently used materials for these fairly unstable and sensitive components.

Our customers rely on HPC and HSM aluminium machining using insert mills, solid carbide mills and, occasionally, PCD mills. CFRP materials are machined using PCD-coated mills or PCD tools. During machining, due to the instability of the material, maximum process reliability is necessary for contour and pocket milling.​

Walter Ramping Cutter F3040

01. Walter Ramping Cutter F3040.

Walter Prototyp Sky-tec™ AL Rapax G30

02. Walter Prototyp Sky-tec™ AL Rapax G30.

Walter Prototyp Protostar® AL30

03. Walter Prototyp Protostar® AL30.

Walter Prototyp Protostar® AL25

04. Walter Prototyp Protostar® AL25.

Walter Prototyp Protostar® AL45

05. Walter Prototyp Protostar® AL45.

Walter PCD Shoulder Mill F4722

06. Walter PCD Shoulder Mill F4722.

Walter PCD Face Milling Cutter

07. Walter PCD Face Milling Cutter.

Walter Prototyp Protostar® Chamfer Mill

08. Walter Prototyp Protostar® Chamfer Mill.

Walter Prototyp Protostar® Chamfer-Back Chamfer Milling Cutter

09. Walter Prototyp Protostar® Chamfer-Back Chamfer Milling Cutter.


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