Intense competition exists on an international scale between airlines and within the entire aerospace industry. The aircraft of the future must be as light and as economical as possible. Added to this is the passengers’ demand for the highest safety standards.

This presents a challenge for machining too, since materials which are difficult to machine, such as those used in the manufacture of jet engines, require special metal cutting tools and reliable, integrated processes

We have the right tools for machining titanium, composites or Ni/Co alloys. Our industry specialists possess a vast knowledge and many years of experience in the machining of demanding materials in the aerospace industry. With our extensive knowledge and experience, we develop tailored machining processes for you.​

Walter Sky-tec™ Inserts

01. Walter Sky-tec™ Inserts.

Walter Whisker Keramic WWS20

02. Walter Whisker Keramic WWS20.

Walter Tiger-tec® Silver Inserts

03. Walter Tiger-tec® Silver Inserts.

Walter Cut Capto™ Grooving Tools

04. Walter Cut Capto™ Grooving Tools.

Walter Round Button Cutter F2334

05. Walter Round Button Cutter F2334.

Walter Prototyp Protostar® Qmax

06. Walter Prototyp Protostar® Qmax

Walter Titiex Alpha X-treme Plus

07. Walter Titiex Alpha X-treme Plus.

Walter Prototyp Tap TI

08. Walter Prototyp Tap TI.

Engine Housing

Engine Housing

The turbine housing of a jet engine is designed for maximum stability in order to withstand the possible impact of a breakaway turbine blade and its enormous centrifugal forces, if a technical fault occurs. Turbine housings are therefore generally manufactured from titanium alloys, Inconel or Waspaloy and additionally reinforced with aramid matting.

Multi-axis mill-turn centres and vertical boring and turning mills are used for machining these components. The right tools manufactured by us in this field for turning, milling and boring are the Sky•tec™, Tiger•tec® Silver PVD, Ti-Family, X•treme Inox and Alpha® Ni. All of these are high-performance tools which stand for maximum efficiency and precision.​

Walter Capto™ Turning Tools

01. Walter Capto™ Turning Tools.

Walter Cut Capto™ Grooving Tools

02. Walter Cut Capto™ Grooving Tools.

Walter Prototyp ConeFit™ Milling Tools

03. Walter Prototyp ConeFit™ Milling Tools.

Walter Xtra-tec® Shoulder Mill F4042R

04. Walter Xtra-tec® Shoulder Mill F4042R.

Walter Xtra-tec® Slotting Cutter F4053

05. Walter Xtra-tec® Slotting Cutter F4053.

Walter Titex X-treme Inox

06. Walter Titex X-treme Inox.

Walter Prototyp Protostar® Ti40

07. Walter Prototyp Protostar® Ti40

Walter Prototyp Protostar® HSC30

08. Walter Prototyp Protostar® HSC30.

Walter Prototyp Tap TI

09. Walter Prototyp Tap TI.

Turbine Discs

Turbine Discs

Turbine discs are among the engine components manufactured from titanium 64, heat-resistant high temperature alloys such as Inconel 718 and Udimet 720. These are complex workpieces with various different chambers and grooves which are rarely optimally accessible. Our aerospace specialists develop a machining solution for this which is tailored to the form of the component, and this solution can be applied in multi-axis mill-turn centres using our high-tech tools. Cost efficiency and process reliability are of highest importance in this situation.​​

Walter Whisker Keramic WWS20

01. Walter Whisker Keramic WWS20

Walter Tiger-tec® Silver Inserts

02. Walter Tiger-tec® Silver Inserts

Walter Capto™ / ISO Turning Holder

03. Walter Capto™ / ISO Turning Holder.

Walter Titex X-treme Inox

04. Walter Titex X-treme Inox

Walter Prototyp Protostar® N50

05. Walter Prototyp Protostar® N50.

Walter Titex X-treme Plus

06. Walter Titex X-treme Plus.

Walter Prototyp Root Form Cutter

07. Walter Prototyp Root Form Cutter.

Walter Xtra-tec® Insert Drill

08. Walter Xtra-tec® Insert Drill.

Walter Cut Capto™ Grooving Tools

09. Walter Cut Capto™ Grooving Tools.


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