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With technological and material advancements the aerospace industry is experiencing huge changes. The size of new craft is doubling, which is stark contrast to the halving of development time. This pressure to make prototypes into finished products is a challenge for manufacturers and the process they adopt and the new wave of composite materials mean most are in uncharted territory and tooling and application can quite literally make or break the job at hand. As aerospace has evolved into commercial space travel, innovation has forced the need to reduce weight and material innovation has lead to cutting tool innovation as composites by their very nature are difficult to machine.

ALCA TOOLS LTD are proud to supply combined power of Walter, Walter Titex and Walter Prototyp and together we are able to deliver far more than tools. When you have a application and need tooling to produce that component, we are right with you, from concept to finished product, but it doesn’t stop there. We then revisit time and time again in order to see if the process can be improved upon to increase output and reduce cycle times. We are a single source for complete machining processes. From engineering support to tool management, and from titanium, high temperature alloys to composite materials, no one else stands beside you to achieve your high standards as efficiently and cost effectively as possible like ALCA TOOLS LTD.
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Main Landing Gear

Main Landing Gear

ALCA TOOLS LTD work closely with Walter Tools and make use of their vast range of tooling and inserts from their brands; Walter, Walter Titex and Walter Prototyp we can productivity can be increased by up to 100%. With our technical know how and Walter’s versatile tool design we cover a broad spectrum of applications and Walter’s new milling generation will meet and exceed your demands with smooth, vibration-resistant performance.

Walter Xtra·tec® Point Drill

01. Walter Xtra·tec® Point Drill: for manufacturing pivot bores.

Walter High Performance cutter

02. Walter High Performance cutter: for milling cylinder datum.

Walter Xtra·tec® shoulder mill

03. Walter Xtra·tec® shoulder mill: for chambering outside pockets.

Walter Xtra·tec® Point Drill

04. Walter Xtra·tec® Point Drill: for manufacturing pivot bores.

Walter Prototyp ProtostarTough Guys

05. Walter Prototyp ProtostarTough Guys: for contour finishingof main cylinder.

Walter Titex Alpha® 4

06. Walter Titex Alpha® 4: for core hole drilling.

Walter Prototyp Paradur Inox

07. Walter Prototyp Paradur Inox: for manufacturing threaded holes.



When producing aircraft parts you are able to benefit from the entire Walters ever growing 45,000 product range and experience the true capacity and capability of your machinery and processes. From indexable products to round shank & back ends every product has a industry leading advantage for your to get achieve greater production efficiency. From base materials to performance coatings, it’s fair to say the wheel has been re-engineered and it continues to be so.

Walter Capto

01. Walter Capto: for facing and longitudinal turning of disc.

Walter Special

02. Walter Special: backward machining of flange.

Walter Turn

03. Walter Turn: for finishing of flange.

Walter Cut

04. Walter Cut: axial grooving of flange.

Walter WSM 30 inserts

05. Walter WSM 30 inserts: especiallyfor ISO S/M materials.

Walter Titex Alpha® Ni

06. Walter Titex Alpha® Ni: forcore hole drilling.

Walter Prototyp Solid Carbide thread mill Ni 27

07. Walter Prototyp Solid Carbide thread mill Ni 27: for milling internal threads.

Landing Gear Beam

Landing Gear Beam

The innovative products and process strategies from Walter tools set new standards in machining. The considerable size and many features of main beam forging and a multitude of complex components ensure stable conditions and efficient part production.

Walter Fine boring tool

01. Walter Fine boring tool: for fine boring mounting bore.

Walter Xtra-tec® shoulder mill

02. Walter Xtra-tec® shoulder mill: for rough machining pockets using the waterfall strategy.

Walter Xtra-tec® helical cutter

03. Walter Xtra-tec® helical cutter: for rough profiling external contours.

Walter Prototyp Protostar Tough Guys

04. Walter Prototyp Protostar Tough Guys: for finishing pocket sides and pocket floor.

Walter Titex Alpha® 4

05. Walter Titex Alpha® 4: for manufacturing core holes for horizontal threads.

Walter Prototyp Paradur Inox

06. Walter Prototyp Paradur Inox: for manufacturing through hole threads.

Walter Xtra-tec® Insert Drill

07. Walter Xtra-tec® Insert Drill: for manufacturing starting holes.



The aerospace industry is competitive on an international scale with manufacturers and service providers. The pressure to ensure aircraft are lighter and safer is paramount to the future of the industry. The customer experience is also a high priority, ensuring safety and environment is to the highest safety standards.

This presents a challenge for machining too, since materials which are difficult to machine, such as those used in the manufacture of jet engines, require special metal cutting tools and reliable, integrated processes

We have the right tools for machining titanium, composites or Ni/Co alloys. Our industry specialists possess a vast knowledge and many years of experience in the machining of demanding materials in the aerospace industry. With our extensive knowledge and experience, we develop tailored machining processes for you.



The fuselage is the main assembly of an aircraft. Quite literally almost everything is attached to the fuselage: wings, tailplane, landing gear, cockpit, cabin, tanks.

The main requirements for the fuselage are, firstly, low weight and secondly, the largest possible stiffening formers in cross section and longerons in longitudinal section play a significant role in this stability.

Lightweight construction materials such as aluminium, aluminium/lithium alloys and composite materials such as CFRP and glass-fibre reinforced aluminium are chosen today for manufacturing this structure. Using our high-performance tools, including PCD tools, we develop component-specific machining solutions for the production of these components.



The main task of the aerofoils is to provide the aircraft with the necessary lift. Individual components machined here include the pylon bracket, made from titanium, the wing box, made from composite materials, and the reinforcing ribs, made of aluminium.

In a structural component such as the wing box, our tools are used to machine the holes, the pocket contour and the pocket bottoms, etc. It is particularly important here to provide a high surface finish quality and the highest degree of stability.

We also develop a machining solution for our customers which is tailored to the machining of the complex, thin-walled aerofoil ribs made of aluminium and uses high-speed PCD mills.

Landing Gear

Landing Gear

One of the major components of any aircraft is the landing gear. It absorbs the enormous forces on take-off and especially during landing. Besides the engine, the components used here are subject to the strictest demands in terms of reliability and functionality under extreme conditions. The main components of the landing gear are the landing gear support beams, master cylinders, hydraulic components, connecting elements, axles and wheels. While some aircraft models use aluminum, the most commonly used materials are alloyed steels and titanium.

The main types of machining used are 3- and 5-axis milling, boring and fine boring. The size of these components impos limitations on the machine environment. Large portal milling machines and mill-turn centres must be used. In addition, the users rely on multi-spindle machines with very high torque. Our industry specialists develop machining processes tailored according to component and material, using our high-tech tools for turning, boring and milling.


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